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  • Telepsychology Form

    Telepsychology is defined as the provision of psychological services using telecommunication technologies that allow for the preparation, transmission, communication and processing of personal health information by electronic means. These technologies may include telephone, mobile devices, videoconferencing, email, text, chat and internet-based services (e.g., social media).

    Frontline Resilience recommends in-person appointments wherever possible. Telepsychology is offered when considerations are needed due to client preference, travel distance, road conditions, timeliness of appointments, and other situations requiring consideration.

    Geographical Region

    Telepsychology is only provided to clients who are physically located within Ontario at the time of the session. In the event that you reside or are located outside the proximity of Frontline Resilience, please ensure that you have researched emergency and crisis services in your area in advance of your first appointment should those services be needed. Should in-person sessions be recommended by us and/or preferred by you, we will gladly recommend local referral options.

    Telepsychology Environment

    It is important to ensure that the environment in which you will be participating in telepsychology ensures confidentiality, privacy, and comfort for you and is free of potential distractions that might result in interruption of services. Telepsychology sessions should not be observed by a third party, without the knowledge and consent of the treatment provider.

    Ability to Engage in Telepsychology

    Should you have any concerns about being able to engage fully in telepsychology (e.g., familiarity with technology, privacy to engage in telepsychology, or cultural, linguisitc, socioeconomic, or health considerations), please contact our office to discuss your concerns.

    Considerations for Telepsychology

    Telepsychology services have the potential to introduce technology-related vulnerabilities that may require considerations for, and safeguards against, potential risks to confidentiality and information security. Potential threats may include but are not limited to computer viruses, hackers, theft of devices, and damaged, malfunctioning or out-dated hardware or software as well as the potential for third parties (e.g., videoconferencing provider, internet service provider) to access confidential information.

    The security measures adhered to by Frontline Resilience are detailed in the Privacy Information Form provided to you. However, the potential vulnerabilities exceed the scope that can be limited by Frontline Resilience and involve your personal devices and security features. It is important that you review any applicable user agreements for any program or application employed (e.g., Skype, Zoom, Cisco Webex) that will be used to provide informed consent to proceed. If you would like the user agreement sent to you, please contact our office with your request 48 hours in advance of your appointment.

    Cellular and Data Usage Costs:

    Your psychological service provider will assume the cost of his/her cellular or data usage required to provide telepsychology services, unless otherwise discussed in advance with you. You are responsible for the cost of any cellular and/or data usage costs that you incur by participating in telepsychology services.

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